Ron Weasley and the Order of the Chocolate Frog


In a family of overachievers, one sibling outshines them all. Ronald Bilius Weasley leapfrogs over mere curse breakers and dragon tamers to take his place alongside Merlin, Circe, and Dumbledore as one of wizardkind’s all-time greats, worthy of a Chocolate Frog card. At the 2014 Chestnut Hill Harry Potter Conference, Tolonda Henderson posed the question: Why does no one write about Ron? Through studying his characteristic responses to poverty, oppression, envy, and his own privilege, we can see that Ron’s lack of leading-man status is actually one of the indicators of his greatest gift: a genius for the power of partnership.


Delivered at the Harry Potter Conference at Chestnut Hill College, October 16, 2015.