Sorting Hamilton

Emma Grant moderated a “Sorting Hamilton” panel at Leviosa that featured Heidi TandyRachael Vaughn of Snapecast, and me.  I love Emma’s model for live sortings:  she designates different corners of the room for different Houses, and when she says a character’s name, you move to the corner that represents the House where you think they belong.  Then there is discussion, and if you change your mind, you move to another corner.  Sometimes you stand between two or more Houses.

Emma started by asking the panel:  Why do we Sort in fandoms that are not HP?  We talked about how useful the Sorting model is for understanding characters and real people, and how Lin-Manuel Miranda is one of us:  a creator in a post-Harry Potter world who incorporates HP models, allusions, and assumptions into his own work.  For example, he has said that he modeled Hamilton’s introduction to first Burr, then friends Lafayette, Laurens, and Mulligan, after Harry meeting first Draco, then Ron and Hermione in Sorcerer’s Stone.

Emma had the panel model a discussion on where we would sort Hamilton.  Then she had the attendees sort Hamilton and as many other characters as we could in that time.

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