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“Her book is for everyone: academics, parents explaining the Rowling books to their kids – or, this year, the voting public, looking for moral guidance from a magical realm.” – The Philadelphia Inquirer

“This book will really get you thinking deeply about the character of Severus Snape, his motivations, his inner logic. JK Rowling wrote a character who was a double agent, hiding his true feelings and his motivations from the reader and everyone around him. Add to that Harry Potter’s own blindness about the character and the clues and information about Snape are difficult to see in a shallow reading of the Potter books. Lorrie Kim doesn’t give a shallow reading, though. She sifts the text with a sharp analysis and great clarity (and wonderfully clear writing of her own) that proves many of the clues to the puzzle of Severus Snape are in fact sitting in plain sight, and these keys lead us to unlock much more. A worthwhile read for any fan of the Potter series and the mysterious potions master.” – Cecilia Tan, winner of the RT Career Achievement Award in Erotic Fiction, author, and publisher

“As a die-hard Gryffindor, I’ve never been inclined to think much about the Harry Potter series through Snape’s cavernous black eyes. Lorrie Kim won me over immediately with her perspicacious scrutiny of Snape’s character, which is explained but never once excused – a refreshing tonic to typical apologist analyses of the Potions Master. Snape: A Definitive Reading takes you through the looking glass to reveal the sobering underbellies of several Hogwarts residents, not just the eponymous double-agent. A compelling read that had this Gryffindor checking his privilege more than once!” – Jackson Bird, author of Sorted: Growing Up, Coming Out, and Finding My Place (A Transgender Memoir) and YouTube creator and activist

“Lorrie’s masterful book is a celebration of Severus Snape’s most admirable qualities and of his unabashed humanity. With her usual insight and subtlety, she peels away the layers that compose him, revealing the elements of his complex personality one by one until we get to the glorious, fragile yet resilient heart of his being and motivation.”Logospilgrim, author of The Severus Snape Paradigm:  Outcast, Rebel, Hero and Severus Snape and the Art of Being Human

“Whether you love Snape or hate him, you will not be able to put down Snape: A Definitive Reading. Kim reads Snape with more compassion than I’ve ever seen before, and this compassionate reading opens up a whole new vista of possibilities for what Snape is up to behind the scenes to protect Harry. By the end of this book, even if you don’t like Snape any better, you won’t be able to deny his commitment to the fight against Voldemort. After you finish, you will want to read the whole series over again just to observe Snape in action.” – Sophia Jenkins, “Five of the Best Harry Potter Analysis Books to Add to Your Library,”

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July 19, 2016:  Book review blogger Nicole Moy posted a photo of the copy of Snape:  A Definitive Reading that she got at Leviosa in Las Vegas.

Reviews on Amazon

“Lorrie Kim does a masterful job in analyzing Snape’s character and motivations, all buttressed by her close textual analysis.”

“Lorrie Kim has written *the* definitive Snape, and I highly recommend it.”

“Whether you love him or hate him, this is the book for you.”

Reviews on Goodreads

“She’s a veritable genius in exposing the unsaid. The reason I gave the book five stars, rather than the four I would already have given it for its singing prose and razor-sharp insight, is that it genuinely gave me a new perspective on the HP series, and that is no mean feat considering I have been re-reading the series regularly for almost fifteen years. Lorrie’s analyses hold up well…”Katelijne Sommen, Goodreads review

“Reading this book gave me a much broader and deeper appreciation both of Snape himself and of Rowling’s skills as a writer in creating such a complex, multi-dimensional character, and revealing him in such subtle ways.”

“This book helps us to understand the Potions Master, regardless of condemnation or forgiveness. It’s a lesson in empathy from the most isolated teacher.”