Artscow: Print your own fannish merchandise

Can’t find quite the Snapey merchandise you want?  Order your own, using your art or art from one of the many talented artists in fandom! offers printing on clothing, mugs, umbrellas, stationery, cosmetic bags, shower curtains, and other household items.  They ship from Hong Kong, so if you live in a different country, watch for their frequent offers of free shipping.

I tested out the images of Snape presented in the Rogue’s Gallery post to see how well they would reproduce on a notebook.  Quite well, it turns out.  Please excuse the glare from the glossy finish.

Notebook front cover:  book cover.  Notebook back:  art by Fox Estacado.

snape notebook front and back

Notebook inside cover images:  Wit-Sharpening Potion by Shocking Blankets and Snape-shaped Hole by Liz Mattison.