Sons of an Illustrious Father, Boot and Saddle in Philadelphia, July 21, 2019

Weeks after an international tour playing for audiences of thousands, Sons of an Illustrious Father swung through Philadelphia for a sweet hello of a concert.  They’re not even from here, but it had the feel of a quick visit home.  I think I always want to see this band with a crowd that will yell “FUCK YEAH” upon hearing the opening chords of “Extraordinary Rendition.”

Josh Aubin was in full guitar-god form with “EG,” which seems to have gotten, impossibly, even faster in tempo.  I got to tell him how much I’ve appreciated his musicianship and his dancing, and how vital this band’s music has been to me when coping with current events.

Have a few seconds of Lilah Larson’s gorgeous voice from the concert.  If I were to write a poem about things that are true, her voice would have to be in it, I think.

I had sworn off buying more t-shirts, but then I saw this graphic of the band closing ranks, giving the finger to anyone who would hurt them, and it was labeled “F U” among the shirts at the merch table, and that made me laugh.

The last thing I saw after the show was Ezra Miller, sitting down on a stoop in exhaustion but smiling gently, making sure to greet the people who had waited to tell him that his work was important to them.

Thank you to the band for coming out to sing for us in this heat, and welcome home to the East Coast.  I always breathe easier after seeing this band play.  The music makes me incredibly happy and that is a sacred thing.

soaif octopods front view with book

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