Snape: A Definitive Reading

snape a definitive reading cover

The Harry Potter series – from Professor Snape’s point of view.  What was Snape really thinking during his last seven years?  Can we ever know for certain?

It turns out that we can.  Through close reading of the Harry Potter series, Lorrie Kim shows that J.K. Rowling gave us everything we need to understand her most enigmatic character:  his true loyalties, the nature of his magic, and the grudging magnificence of his love.

“Her book is for everyone: academics, parents explaining the Rowling books to their kids – or, this year, the voting public, looking for moral guidance from a magical realm.” – The Philadelphia Inquirer

Cover art by Liz Mattison

Philadelphia Inquirer Q&A with Lorrie Kim, August 10, 2016.

Author interview with Big Blue Marble Bookstore, July 30, 2016.

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